The first steps of our team were taken with four people who met at high school in 2013. In the fall of 2014 we were all like, “If we love to play games so much, why not make our own games in the future?” we said. This was our first step towards our gaming dream.

We took action to turn our idea, which remained a mere thought for two years, into reality. After graduating from high school, we started to learn how the game industry works. Hüseyin Dur and Semih Şahin together set out to find the answer to the question “How to make a game?”. We were just starting to take our first steps on a RTS (Real-time strategy) project, a game genre we love. Bilal Habeş Horoz, who started his career with graphic design a year later, joined our team and changed his career towards character modeling. After a while Burhan Kanat joined our team summer 2018.

We continued to improve ourselves until we met Game Factory in July 2020. As of this moment, we gained momentum and started to learn about the industry faster. We grew our team by meeting Emir Furkan Tokkan at Game Factory. After a while, we proved ourselves and qualified to join Games United. In partnership with Games United we are developing casual and hypercasual games. In this process, we made very good friendships and valuable teammates, and we started to work with all our strength to steer the game industry in unity and solidarity under the umbrella of Artuex Games.


Alwox Games was acquired by Başak Su and Batuhan Arslan. Alwox Games is dedicated to web3, blockchain games, software, and smart contract development in the leadership of Batuhan. On the other hand, we have a plan to develop our metaverse without third party software. We are developing currently a blockchain game that can be played on web browsers on the Avalanche Main Net. Our main goal is to improve our skills and vision in web3 ecosystem and develop our metaverse with proprietary and open-source software that will be developed by our teams.


We are a game studio that we established as high school students in August 2020. We started our first work by developing hypercasual games within the Game Factory ecosystem. We gained new experiences in every game we made, and our test results started to be more positive. We are currently one of Games United teams and we continue to produce games as well as we can.

We embarked on this adventure as the four people in our team, two game developers, two 3D artist and a game designer. In the future, we aim to take our work to higher levels by adding another developer and an artist to our team. Although we are a team with an average age of fifteen and less experience than other teams at this level, the fact that we all take this job seriously and try to achieve something is one of the biggest factors in our writing this article. The support of our families has also a very important effect on our motivation! We are proud to share our team and workspaces with you.

As a team, we focus currently on mobile games. We have ambitious goals and plans in our minds. Every game we develop, every idea we think about, and every topic we discuss brings a new experience to our team. We believe that we will achieve much greater things in the future thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained over time.


BigPogo was launched by Yağız Gür, Yunus Demirel and Baran Can Kulaz in August 2020. It inspires its vision from the four colors of the word “POGO”:

      Coral Red
      Coral Green
      Asparagus Green

BigPogo received its first investment from Games United in May 2021 and the follow-on investment in September 2021 for casual game development. In March 2022, the development team launched “Royal Legends” for data improvement tests.

At the same time, BigPogos evolution from a game studio into a creative studio started with a big milestone of Pogo: Tulipland Universe!

Tulipland Universe is created by BigPogo.

Today BigPogo is not just a game studio but a creative studio. After developing its casual game, it created its own “cartoon universe” and yeah... BigPogo is thrilled to publish the comic book of the Tulipland... coming soon, the Tulipland Motion Comic and more news from Tulipland!

Stay tuned and take care!


In May 2021, we founded our team with three people in Game Factory ecosystem. In July 2021 our roads were crossed with Games United, from whom we have received by an investment offer. During the short time since Games United has invested in Quickfingers, we have not only received an excellent support on all operational aspects of running a company but also benefitted a lot from the diverse know-how at Games United on various areas also including game development.

We work on hypercasual games since August 2020. When we represented our games to Rollic recently, they liked what we have done so far, and started to support us of January 2021. After these exciting developments, another 3D artist joined our crew to improve the art competence in our team.

We are thrilled to partner with Rollic on the publishing side today. In the future, we aim to step into casual game development path as some of our partner studios do today.

Mustafa Ipek - Co-Founder, Game Developer
Yunus Emre Doğan – Co-Founder, Game Developer
Yunus Gelen – 3D Game Artist


Our story started 13 years ago in an internet cafe. We have spending days long time playing computer games (particularly Metin2). Our friendship has been nurturing those days. In summer 2019 with the casual game idea of Ömer, we decided to game production from game playing mode. We thought about the game days long to give it a shape. Afterwards, we wanted to understand how to realize this and joined the Oyunla Gelecek game camp as the start. We had a nice experience and network at this camp.

After consulting to experts in game industry, we decided to postpone our casual game plan to some future date. Instead, we started to make short and medium-term plans. In the meantime, we met Game Factory and received education in their network. This led to the production of our first hypercasual game and our idle genre first game as we wanted to improve our skills in diverse areas.

Following these developments, we met Games United, who trusted and invested in us. Following a brief period of collaboration with another publisher, today we are excited to be one of the studios that Rollic supports in Turkey. We are determined to publish hit games at the earliest and them look forward to developing our first casual game.


We were developing games with Erdogan at the high school times and dreaming of setting up a team. While this dream was left unrealized due to different reasons, thanks to covid lockdowns we have revitalized this dream and decided to set up our team and start developing games.

The boom in the mobile gaming industry during the pandemic has attracted our attention. At first, we set up an amateur team with friends who would complete the missing parts of our team. While analyzing mobile game market, we have started to develop hypercasual game prototypes. After having tested our games during three months with different publishers, we realized that our development and testing phases were satisfactory for an amateur team, however, not enough to get into the game market. Despite hiccups in our team during that period, together with Erdogan we have continued to produce, test, and develop our competences.

During that period, we met Game Factory, whose ecosystem has supported a lot via suggestions and feedback on our games. After a five months period, we received an offer from Games United and set up our studio company. Finally, a new game was about to start for us.

Following Games United investment, we had Mehmet Gelir, who has always supported us in our journey and SD artist Hüseyin Demirlenk joining our team.

Very soon we had our publishing agreement and started developing games on a regular basis. After the long period of game development efforts, we have grown up from a four persons team to a nine persons team. We are so grateful of being such a positive and productive team all together.

We are determined to have a hit game in hypercasual genre first. Once we succeed in this, our aim is to develop a multi-player casual game. It is our biggest dream to develop a game that millions can play simultaneously. We feel that this will not take such a long time…


We founded Spike Games as two siblings and our mother, Başak Su (3D artist), Ümran Arslan (game designer) and Batuhan Arslan (developer). At early stages of Spike Games, we focused to understand dynamics of hypercasual game industry with Game Factory. After six months and twelve games, we joined Games United as a venture studio. We developed so many games with Games United under Sezer’s lead. After a short time, we became a partner with Rollic Games. Now we are team with six brilliant people. In this journey we did not limit ourselves with hypercasual genre only. On top of those, we developed smart contracts and blockchain games and acquired Alwox Games to develop into a center of excellence for blockchain games. Now, Batuhan is leading Alwox Games and Başak Su is leading Spike Games.


We embarked on an adventurous journey from high school classmates; Yılko Games! After five years of private sector experience, I wanted to give my dreams a chance. I am Kuntay Koca as level designer, a high mechatronics graduate of Sakarya University. We started our collaboration with Burhan Yıldırım already in high school. Our journey to develop a Unity-based game for two persons began with him as the game developer, a senior student at Maltepe University Computer Engineering.

We entered the mobile game industry by establishing the Yılko Games in September 2020. The first game trial took place in November 2020, and we published it on Google Play. Our goal was to achieve organic growth. However, we realized that the sector does not allow for organic growth. Meanwhile, we started developing our first hypercasual game.

We met Game Factory while we were looking for ways to accelerate our work and contribute to our development. With the right support from Game Factory, we learned the hypercasual genre and developed our work and produced new game prototypes.

In April 2021, we took the steps towards a partnership with Games United and set up YILKO Games officially. We continue to produce game prototypes with our strong nine-persons team, that consists of two 3D artists, three game developers, one game designer, one level designer and two trainee game developers. When choosing our teammates, we pay attention to have friends with sincerity, sense of responsibility and team-working skills.

As Yılko Games, our first goal is to have a hit in the hypercasual genre. As of this moment, we will do the necessary capital and team investments to develop casual games as the next target.